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Your truck is still your truck.
We’ll loan you cash against it.

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How it works

How it works

hock your truck Hock Your Truck

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hock your truck Hock Your Truck

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our loan experts

hock your truck Hock Your Truck

Easy paperwork &
on-the-spot approval

hock your truck Hock Your Truck

Get instant cash &
we’ll look after your truck

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The Aceben Difference

We’ll take care of your truck while you borrow cash against it. It’s fast and simple to get approved, and gives you the freedom to access the cash you need for life’s challenges. In the meantime we’ll ensure your truck safe and secure, ready for you when you’re ready to collect it.

Our fast, easy cash loan service is available to anyone, no matter what your credit rating.
Talk to your local Aceben team and hock your truck today.

hock your truck Hock Your Truck
instant cash loan

Hock Your Truck

Trucks, Bobcats, Forklifts, Buses, Prime Movers and more. Our loan service allows you to get cash instantly in exchange for your truck. We work with all major makes and models, and you can be sure your truck or equipment is well looked after while you take care of the important things in life.

Your truck, vehicle or equipment is valued by our loan experts, ensuring you get the cash you need. Your local Aceben store will give you a fair value and ensure you have all the details you need to get your truck back when you’re ready.

hock your truck Hock Your Truck

Instant Cash Loans

Aceben Loans are fast, easy cash loans against valuable goods. Aceben welcomes trucks, buses and other valuable vehicles or equipment, as collateral against cash loans. Our loans are approved on-the-spot and you’ll get your cash right away.

Our loans range from $1,000 up to hundreds of thousands. Contact your local Aceben Loan Experts and get a free valuation of your truck, bus or equipment today.

hock your truck Hock Your Truck

Aceben Black Label Loans

Our Black Label Service delivers fast, discreet cash loans in exchange for high-value goods. This premium service provides loans for ten thousand dollars or more, with the same quick and simple service Aceben is renowned for.

If you have a high-value item such as a luxury car, boat, or another high-value asset, our loan experts will provide a private valuation for you via phone or in-person.