Frequently asked questions


We accept valuable items such as jewellery, gold items, electronics, sports memorabilia and more. If you have something of value and you want to exchange it for cash, come on down to your local Aceben store and get a free valuation.

If you have an item of value that you want to keep, you can bring it into an Aceben store. We’ll loan you cash against your item, and when your loan is paid off you get your valuable item back.

We offer loans up to any value. The best way to find out how much you can borrow is by getting one of our loan experts to give you a free valuation on your goods or vehicle.

Our loans are convenient and fast, and we use your valuable goods as collateral. Interest is applied to the loan, and once the loan is paid in full, your goods are returned to you in the same condition.

Our loans are flexible and we’ll find a loan term that works for you, so that you get the money you need up front (on-the-spot!) and your goods will be here when you’re ready to come back.

We sure do! Aceben has nine locations throughout Sydney and many of our customers are regular shoppers, finding quality goods at great prices.

Yes, for valuations of items over $10,000 our loan experts will come to you at your home or another convenient location and give you a free valuation for your loan.