Sell you GoodsTraditional pawnbroking loans – we store your item and loan cash on security of that item. The loan will normally be 3 months (4 months on jewellery) however you may pay interest and extend the loan period, or you may redeem your item at any stage by repaying the principal and interest owed. Unsure how it works? Come in or phone and we will be happy to explain. Even if you are going overseas and don’t want to leave valuables in your house, get some cash to go and have Aceben store your valuables for you for the cost of the interest.   [ID required]

Purchase Secondhand Items

Aceben will buy any personal item of value from you on the spot. It may well be that you no longer want your wedding ring (for obvious reasons) or the diamond engagement ring (for equally obvious reasons) or perhaps you have purchased a new television; bring your unwanted items into one of our stores and we will give you cash on the spot. [ID required]

BREITLING-150x150Secondhand Retailing

Goods that Aceben loans cash on but which are not redeemed within the prescribed period or goods purchased by Aceben are offered for sale to the general public with a guarantee, usually at a fraction of the new price. Aceben stocks a large range of jewellery and sundry goods including mobile phones, televisions, ipods etc. Why pay new prices for jewellery when Aceben sells at a fraction of the new price – all jewellery is cleaned (in acid) and polished before being offered for sale.

fe1Foreign Exchange

Going overseas, don’t get caught short. Just returned from overseas with foreign currency in your pocket? Aceben buy and sell foreign currency at the best rates with no commission. [ID required]